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Super Daddy Fairytale

I wrote this song as a warning to young mothers who try to hide the truth about deadbeat dads from their children. There was a time in my distant past when I would send birthday presents and Christmas presents to my kids in their dads name, but they figured it out and in the end it only hurts your children more when they build up expectations about a non-exsistent relationship with their dad. But the biggest problem is the one person in the world your children felt they could trust actually lied to them about something really important and that can damage the trust relationship between mother and child for a long time.

You might think you're protecting your kids by lying to them, but life taught me it's best to always tell them the truth. That doesn't mean you need to say terrible things about their dad, because he is part of them. Do you best to keep it positive and show your kids through your own attitude and actions how grown ups should behave.

My favorite line from this song goes like this 'If I was going to lie, and bear the shame of sending you things in your daddy's name, instead of cards and letters in the US mail, I wish I'd given you this SuperDaddy Fairytale.' I guess if I was going to pretend their dad was all that and more... I should have made him a super hero... or a super spy or maybe an astronaut doing terribly important things to save the world. Sadly, I didn't think of that at the time.

Be happy. Be well. Be loving... especially to youself.


ps: This is Song 10. I'm writing a song a week for a year, but decided to take my time on production and will release them as and when I feel like it... maybe a few EP's along the way... a live concert or streamed live?... and a great big album on Spotify at the end of the year.

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