With plans to release new music and open her vast vault of musical sketches it’s high time the world discovered Rhonda Merrick.

In 2016, Rhonda released her second album FIFTY in honour of her upcoming 50th birthday. 


The band lineup changed to include Jimmy Dawkins (Bass), James Plows (Drums) and Ritchie Swann (Guitar and Keys). In contrast to the debut album, FIFTY has a decidedly more rock and roll sound influenced by Jimmy and James.


Track 10 ‘Is There Life On Mars’ was written after David Bowie’s death and is the only song which features Rhonda on piano. The producer overheard her composing the song and insisted her piano intro stayed in.


In contrast ‘The Day Bon Jovi Died’ is about a hoax and lies spread between. It’s possibly the only song that mentions death in the title.


Her debut album ‘Rhonda and The Great Unknown’ was released in 2015. The album features Ritchie Swann (Keys), Dan Doe (Bass), Michael James (Lead Guitar) and Jay Griffin (Drums).


After the My365 Project in 2011, Rhonda started doing a few performances on her own or with scratch bands.  The album name is a play on the idea of stepping out of my comfort zone, beyond anything I'd ever attempted before... into the great unknown.  

The album includes eight original tracks including the '27 Club', a tribute to the death of Amy Winehouse and Love Bank which didn't originally have backing singers, until the guys from the control room asked to be involved! 


The album also includes two covers; Firstly, a blues infused version of Pharrell's 'Happy' and an inspired re-working of 'Mercy' by Duffy, which really came to life during live shows...

"It was a heaving wall of sound and emotion. I think it was one of our most perfect songs as a band. We were completely in sync."

Rhonda Merrick 

The band lived together for three days at Crooks Hall to record the album and it was mastered by Pete Maher (The Rolling Stones, Pixies, U2).



In 2011, Rhonda successfully embarked on a project to write a song a day for a year. The process helped her refine her songwriting, production and instrumentation and also helped her organise the limitless lyrical ideas in her head. 


By the end of 2011 she had built an engaged online following and attracted the attention of Universal Music who agreed to sign her, but the timing was wrong. With the birth of her son, her family took priority and her career was once again put on hold. 



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