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Preparing For Art

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Today, I carried a folding table about a mile down a steep hill through freezing rain and cold winds then up 2 flights of stairs and I did it in order to have a place to draw at home. That might sound a little crazy to some people, but I've been taking a self-paced online art class for the past few months because I really want to learn to draw the ideas in my head. I've been writing a show called Virgin Mother of Five after binge-watching Korean melodramas on Netflix the first time our nation went into lockdown. I think I'll release the series as an audiobook while learning to draw a bit better, but eventually the show's going to be on Amazon Prime video. I'll let you know how I get on with this new creative adventure.

We're just about to reach the end of 2020 and in the new year, I'll begin a new project with my friends Scott, Sophie, Sebastian and Ryan. We've been working hard for the past few months to have stuff ready before January, that way we'll always be a few weeks ahead of the weekly song. I hope you'll tune into Spotify and have a listen to the weekly tunes

Back in 2011, I set my mind on learning to play the guitar and piano fluidly enough to write and sing the songs that were in my head. I managed to do that, but you won't hear any of my instrumental music in Project Undeniable in 2021 because Scott is creating a library of his own instrumental works based on my original ideas and songs.

It's interesting how I value and respect the need of different creatives to express their skills and talents in their own way. A few years ago, I was far more precious about my songs, now I enjoy sharing and developing them with friends. I like seeing the visual representation of what my songs mean to others through Sophie's artistic eyes. It reminds me of Robert Frost when he wrote The Road Not Taken as a joke about a friend of his who was notoriously indecisive about which path to follow on their rambles in the woods, but people immediately picked up on deeper, more meaningful insights even though Robert Frost himself couldn't see it for the longest time.

I have copies of all the original materials I sent to Scott, but we've also agreed to keep the originals in the same electronic folders as the final versions of our collaborations, that way should any of this music break through, the purists can dig up the original songs that were the inspiration and guidebook for the commercial releases. I've always loved the Ray Charles' version of You Don't Know Me, but I read that Eddy Arnold told the story to a friend who happened to be a songwriter and she put the story into song for him to record. I went on to add that song to a Spotify playlist called Feel Better - Holiday Grudge Songs.

I wrote a song called Holding Onto Grudges, but it's probably not what you would immediately think it's about. The song is uplifting and real. I put it on the playlist with songs like Let's Give Them Something To Talk About and Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer because grudges come in all shapes and sizes. It's good to acknowledge them before letting them pass through and fade away. Have a listen to my playlist while you're out and about walking off your grudges... sadness... hurt or anger and you just might feel a lot better by the time you get back home because holding onto grudges really is no way to live your life.

I get knocked down... but I get up again!

Love and kind thoughts from England,


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