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This Simple Song - Number 5

“This Simple Song”

This Simple Song was written during the first of the three British nationwide lockdowns that consumed most of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021. Originally created as a reflective but feel- good tune for an online music festival, it addresses the political unrest taking place around the world, particularly in Hong Kong, India and the USA, giving a nod to the continued physical and emotional violence which erupted as the world watched a police officer choke ordinary black civilian George Floyd to death on what started out as an ordinary, sunny day in America. It also gives a nod to the ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic, and the seemingly- endless fusillade of physical and emotional threats that come with it.

The songwriter expresses that she is helpless in these times and that she doesn’t have the means to change any of these situations directly, as can be heard in the lyrics of the first verses:

“I wish that I could write a song, telling all the world how to get along, but I barely run my own life, so that’s a no-go” and “I wish that I could cure diseases, but I never liked science and my mind just freezes at the big words...” However, despite this feeling, she also expresses a hope that her song - this song - will have the ability to bring people together and make a change, even if indirectly, even if just for a little while.

“I heard that music heals the soul and the mind… I grabbed my guitar and I wrote this song, hoping some people might sing along…”

This is the 5th Friday in a row Rhonda Merrick has released a new song. She will continue releasing a song every Friday for the remainder of 2021. Next week, should you choose to tune in, you will find the same album cover, with a different song title and a number 6 on the white door in the background.

Watch the video:

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Rock and Roll.

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