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Project Undeniable

Rhonda Merrick and her team of producers will be churning out 52 original songs from October to October in a veritable flood of creativity. The singer/songwriter has joined up with Clive Austen of Subculture Soundsystems to add a unique fusion of electronic dance grooves to her often thought-provoking lyrics. She also plans to produce and release some of her songs herself whilst partnering with Pete Askew of Soundcraft Audio on an eclectic range of songs from minimalised and industrial to modern Country. All in all this is one interesting project and that's undeniable. See what just happened there?

My365 Project

Fifty two songs is a calkwalk compared to releasing a song a day for an entire year! However, the two projects are very different. Back in 2011, when the singer/songwriter successfully completed a song-a-day-in-a-year, her aim was to chart a journey of discovery as a musician. This was the year she taught herself to play guitar and piano fluently, it was the year she learned the basics of DIY music production and social media, it was the year she learned how to create and look after a website. It was a long, difficult but uniquely satisfying year.

Project Undeniable

Fast forward to 2020 and the goal is completely different:

  • Record and release 52 songs to broadcast quality

  • Organise collaborative teams of people and stay on task to meet the goal as a group

  • Create a body of works which adequately represents the singer/songwriters range of songwriting abilities.

  • Create vocal and instrumental music that can be used in the film and TV projects she's written or co-written.

It's undeniable that Rhonda Merrick can write a lot of songs, but can she write good songs? Can she write the sort of songs that people want to listen to? These questions can only be answered if the finished songs exist and are made available for you to listen to. We hope you like at least some of what you hear.

Stay In The Loop

Love listening to #Spotify? Good news!

You can keep track of the entire Project Undeniable by following Rhonda Merrick on Spotify. Be sure to subscribe to this blog too. You might win free stuff! (#prizes #music #singer) There's a #feelgood song on this blog called Finally Arriving. If you like upbeat, makes you feel better kind of music, then you should definitely check it out. Click here to have a listen to Finally Arriving. See you next time!

Rhonda's Team :0)

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