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Finally Arriving is a feel-good tune we all need sometimes

Finally Arriving is coming out on September 28th. It's a feel-good song by Rhonda Merrick. We all need that sometimes. Subculture Soundsystem does a lot of electronic music for clubs and dance venues. It's a pretty cool fusion of singer/songwriter meets electronic dance grooves. Hope you like it. This song is fun, upbeat and overflowing with good vibes.

Finally Arriving Lyrics

Oh why, do I feel this way?

Oh why, do I feel this way?

It's like trying to hold sunshine in my hand.

Like holding more happiness than I can stand.

It's like finally arriving in the promise land.

Finally arriving.

The song will get your toes tappling and your head will start nodding to the beat... it just makes you feel better for a little while. For more uplifting, hard-hitting, make you feel good or make you think sort of music, be sure to follow Rhonda's Spotify page. She's working with her team of producers to create 52, YES, 52 songs in a single year. It's going to be an interesting journey.

Project Undeniable

To celebrate her upcoming birthday, the singer /songwriter is producing some of her songs own songs, partnering with Clive Austin of Subculture Soundsystems as well as indie producer Pete Askew of Soundcraft Audio. The New Orleans singer/songwriter describes this as 'A deeply creative time in my life' as she sets her sights on have 52 original songs recorded to broadcast quality from October 24th 2020 through October 24th 2021.

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