So many people in the world seem to be angry about something. I decided to take my Friday Song and sing about the importance of gentle thinking and speaking. I grew up in an environment where harsh words were considered normal. It took decades of living to realise that's no way to live. I talked about that in Holding Onto Grudges. This is Song 8, I now have 44 songs to go this year as I celebrate the 10th anniversary of the year I wrote a song every day. For me, a song a week is no big deal, but I get to draw on years of songs and song ideas that I always meant to get back to. In 2011, I taught myself to play guitar and piano fluidly and I started learning a bit of music production. This year, I'm producing my own songs and I'm learning to draw and animate my drawings. I'll share what I learn as I go along and hope you enjoy the journey as much as I am.

My hope is this body of work, this 52 songs will reveal a truth that life itself taught me the hard way and hopefully at least one person someone in the world will absorb these truths without the suffering that I've seen and known. Simple kindness is free, so give it freely and with an open and willing heart.

I changed my mind about using the same artwork every week. I'm enjoying using things I made from skills I learned this year. I'm happy with the way her eyes came out in this cartoon drawing. There's a wry sense of humour and kindness and I like her for that. Someday, I'll illustrate all my songs in comic books or animated films. This is the year I decided to learn to draw.

I wrote A Gentle Answer over 20 years ago for a Ladies Retreat Weekend at a church I attended in California. I never sang it again until now. It's odd how the lyrics and melody have stayed true in my mind. Sharing some of the songs I'm uploading this year is more like introducing you to dear and old friends.

You're never too old to learn new things and that includes the habit of being kind, having that first thought to cross your mind as a gentle thought rather than a harsh one. Being slow to judge and condemn people and instead strive to understand a different point of view.

As always, I wish you love and happiness.

Rhonda Merrick


“This Simple Song”

This Simple Song was written during the first of the three British nationwide lockdowns that consumed most of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021. Originally created as a reflective but feel- good tune for an online music festival, it addresses the political unrest taking place around the world, particularly in Hong Kong, India and the USA, giving a nod to the continued physical and emotional violence which erupted as the world watched a police officer choke ordinary black civilian George Floyd to death on what started out as an ordinary, sunny day in America. It also gives a nod to the ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic, and the seemingly- endless fusillade of physical and emotional threats that come with it.

The songwriter expresses that she is helpless in these times and that she doesn’t have the means to change any of these situations directly, as can be heard in the lyrics of the first verses:

“I wish that I could write a song, telling all the world how to get along, but I barely run my own life, so that’s a no-go” and “I wish that I could cure diseases, but I never liked science and my mind just freezes at the big words...” However, despite this feeling, she also expresses a hope that her song - this song - will have the ability to bring people together and make a change, even if indirectly, even if just for a little while.

“I heard that music heals the soul and the mind… I grabbed my guitar and I wrote this song, hoping some people might sing along…”

This is the 5th Friday in a row Rhonda Merrick has released a new song. She will continue releasing a song every Friday for the remainder of 2021. Next week, should you choose to tune in, you will find the same album cover, with a different song title and a number 6 on the white door in the background.

Watch the video:

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Rock and Roll.


This is the new album cover for Project Undeniable 2021. It's a selfie taken on my phone in my studio and I'll use it for all 52 songs in this project. At the end of the year all 52 songs will be available as a single album on Spotify and other places. During the year, I'll release one song every Friday and you're invited to chat about it on my Facebook page, leave comments on the website or even send a tweet!

Anyway, this is my album cover for Project Undeniable 2021. The week I decided to use this as my cover was Week 4 and the song I'm releasing today is Legend In The Making. You'll notice there's a number 4 on the wall behind me in the photo. I'll change the number and song title, but all else will remain the same on all 52 songs from January through December.

Right now, all of England is in lockdown because of COVID-19 and there's no clear indication when the severe restrictions will end. I feel fortunate to have this wonderful, deeply creative space to hide in every day whilst writing, rehearsing, recording music, learning to draw and chatting with a wide range of people online. Despite all this, I sometimes find myself battling an almost overwhelming sadness.

The tears come from nowhere, unprovoked, unexpected but I let them flow because it relieves the pressure in my chest and throat. I didn't know the tears I refuse to shed still shine in my eyes until I saw this photo. I live in a world where a simple trip to the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread can expose me to a virus that could kill me in 28 days or less. It's so serious, governments around the world are aggressively battling it until scientist have a chance to make us reasonably safe again. If I survive, then I'll carry on being a writer and musician. If I don't survive this situation, then I'll create as much as I can so my songs and stories bear witness to the fact that I was here. Right here.

If you have all sorts of emotions flinging themselves around in your head, I hope you know that you're not alone. If you feel isolated, then I hope you'll join me in this weekly exploration of art and music throughout all of 2021.

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  • Add a link to your music with a similiar vibe or message to the song of the week or anything posted in the past.

  • It's okay to message me, I'll get back to you as soon as I can for as long as I can.

  • I hope you like some of the songs.

  • Be sure to tell me about any books, movies or art that interests you because odds are I'll be interested too.

  • I don't like scary things though... just saying.

I've already recorded Song 5. The next song is This Simple Song. You know it's the 4th song by the number 5 on the wall behind me. I hope this gives you a little insight into how my tangled mind is able to function. I just love, love, love systematic things.

On that note. Let's rock and roll all through 2021 together.